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Universal Spacesaver Rear Stand

Universal Spacesaver Rear Stand

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  • Optimal Maneuverability: Features three swiveling dual-wheel castors, allowing easy movement of your motorcycle in any direction—ideal for tight garage spaces.
  • Enhanced Stability: Includes two front castors with brakes to lock the wheels in place for secure maintenance or positioning.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Perfect for efficiently organising and accessing your bike collection in limited spaces.
  • Customisable Attachments: Choose between Forked Pickups or L-Pad Pickups, catering to bikes with or without Pickup Spools on the Swingarm.
  • Finish Options: Available in Red or Black Powdercoat for a sleek look, or choose Chrome for added sophistication.

Transform your garage with our Universal Spacesaver Rear Stand—designed for convenience and efficiency in managing your motorcycles.

Lifting attachments

Forked Attachment: This is our most commonly used attachment with our universal rear stand. If your bike has pick-up knobs or spools then this is the right style attachment to effortlessly lift the rear of your bike.

L-Pad Attachment: Made for use on rectangular section swingarms where there is no provision for knobs. The attachments are designed to pivot, so the stand can go through its arc while they stay flat under the swingarm. The surfaces touching the swingarm have neoprene rubber glued to them, so they won't mark the swingarm, and they won't slip due to the grippy surface of the neoprene.

Reverse Spool Attachment: Made specifically for use with GP Style Swingarm Hooks. This style of attachment can be an advantage for racers, as it eliminates having the Pick-up Spool protrude out from the Swingarm and reduces a point of failure in the event of a crash.

Special attachments

We make special lifting attachments for the Universal rear stands for the following bikes:

  • Honda 929 Fireblade (needs a special left hand attachment)
  • Ducati 999 and 749  (the 2004 models with the cast swingarm) and Ducati Scrambler
  • Ducati Sport Classics These have round section swingarms. We make special curved lifting attachments for these, but some models have the right hand swingarm tube bent to clear the exhausts, which leaves very little straight tube for the stand to lift under. For these models I recommend using our Ducati Under Engine Lifter
  • Buell – these are difficult, (especially the 1125) because they have no provision for knobs, and the bottom of the swingarm slopes up steeply, making it a bit precarious. We have lifting attachments which cup the swingarm on the sides and ends, to prevent the stand from slipping forwards

Which bikes don’t they fit?

Most cruiser bikes have the exhaust pipes low down next to the swingarm, so there is no room for the stand to fit. If you’re not sure, crouch down next to the rear wheel, with your eye at axle height - for the stand to work, you should be able to see some of the swingarm in front of the axle. If all you can see is the muffler, the stand won’t work on that bike.

They WILL work on most dirt bikes and multipurpose bikes.

If the bike has threaded holes or bosses for pick-up knobs, you should make use of them - it is easier to use the stand if you use the knobs. If there is no provision for knobs, there must be some flat area on the bottom of the swingarm for the L shaped attachments to work. 


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