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Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

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Truing Attachment

Our Motorcycle Wheel Balancer is the ultimate tool for ensuring your motorcycle wheels are perfectly balanced, providing a smoother and safer ride.

This versatile balancer is designed to accommodate a variety of wheel types, offering different attachment options to suit your specific needs.

Attachments to Select:

Standard Axle Shaft & Cone

  • Ideal for regular motorcycle wheels.
  • Provides a secure and accurate fit for standard hub sizes.

Large Axle Shaft & Cones 

  • Perfect for Single Side Swingarm Wheels with large hub centers.
  • Ensures stability and precision for wheels with larger hub diameters.

Truing Attachment (Optional): Enhance your Motorcycle Wheel Balancer with our Truing Attachment. This extension transforms your balancer into a comprehensive wheel truing stand, allowing for precise adjustment and maintenance of spoked wheels.

Features of the Truing Attachment:

  • Wheel Truing Capability: Convert your balancer into a truing stand for meticulous spoked wheel adjustment.
  • Screw Lock Cones: Secure and accurately center the wheel for optimal truing.
  • Extension Arms: Provide stable support for pointers or dial indicators to ensure precise alignment.

Who Should Select the Truing Attachment:

  • DIY Mechanics: Perfect for those who prefer hands-on maintenance of their spoked wheels.
  • Professional Workshops: An essential tool for professionals offering comprehensive wheel services.
  • Enthusiasts: Ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to maintaining their bikes in top condition.

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Wheel Balancer:

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various wheel types with selectable attachments.
  • High-Quality Construction: Durable and reliable, built to withstand the demands of any workshop environment.
  • Easy to Use: Simple setup and operation, perfect for both professional and amateur mechanics.


  • Axle Shaft Options: Choose between Standard or Large Axle Shaft & Cones based on your bike's wheel type.
  • Truing Attachment: Optional add-on for comprehensive wheel truing capabilities.

Ensure your motorcycle wheels are balanced and trued with our versatile and reliable Motorcycle Wheel Balancer. Select the appropriate attachment to match your wheel type and consider the Truing Attachment for precise wheel maintenance.


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