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Front Under Fork Stand

Front Under Fork Stand

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  • Optimal Lift: Specifically designed to lift motorcycles effortlessly from the bottom of the fork legs for straightforward front wheel and fork maintenance.
  • Essential for Maintenance: Ideal for tasks involving the front wheel, brakes, and forks, allowing for expert-level maintenance at home.
  • Seasonal Preservation: Perfect for riders who store their motorcycles during the off-season; prevents tire flat spots and preserves condition by lifting the bike off the ground.
  • Customisable Attachments: Includes a choice of Pickup Attachments—either Pads or Radial Caliper Pins—to best fit your specific maintenance needs.
  • Finish Options: Available in Red or Black Powdercoat for durability and style, or opt for Chrome for an extra touch of elegance.

Lifting Attachments:

This stand can be used with 3 types of lifting attachments

Pivoting Pads:

These will work on most front ends – they hold the bottom of the fork legs, and depend on the forks having a fairly flat bottom. They are not suitable where the forks have quick release axles, or rounded ends on the forks – eg. MV Agustas, Ducati 1098.

Under Caliper Pins:

These are designed for bikes with radial mounted brake calipers. You can see from Fig 3 that the pin goes under the structure which holds the caliper. Some bikes of this type can use both the pins and the blocks, but if given a choice, I think the pins would be the preferable type to use. Bikes such as MV Agusta’s, and Ducati 1098 have no choice but to use the pin type attachments.


If your bike has a front fork design which doesn’t work well with the pads or the pins, we have another type of lifting attachment called Spigot Pickups which we can supply.


  • Pre radial caliper MV Agustas will still need to be lifted by the pins, but the height will need to be at it’s tallest
  • BMW K1200 and 1300’s cannot be lifted with this stand, as it needs to be taller. We have a different stand to lift these models.

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