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Front Steering Head Lift Stand

Front Steering Head Lift Stand

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  • Essential Tool: Perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a robust solution for comprehensive maintenance. This stand is designed to lift the front of a motorcycle, allowing removal of the front wheel, and removal of the forks. 
  • Secure Lifting: Utilises the Steering Stem Hole for a stable and efficient lift from under the Triple Clamp.
  • Universal Compatibility: Redesigned to fit a broader range of motorcycles, including models with long, low-fairing noses like the Ducati Panigale.
  • Safe Design: Eliminates the risk of contact with the fairing, ensuring your bike remains pristine.
  • Custom Fit: Includes a Pin in your chosen size for a perfect fit to your motorcycle’s specifications.
  • Finish Options: Available in Red or Black Powdercoat for a sleek look, or opt for Chrome for added elegance.

The stand is available with 7 different sizes of lifting pin, so it should suit most bikes, including bikes with long, low fairing noses. The stand will work with the fairing in place.

For the stand to work, you will need access to the hole in the bottom of the steering stem. If your bike doesn’t have a hole in the bottom of the steering stem, you will need a different stand

Find the correct size of pin – there are 7 sizes to choose from. You should choose the largest one which will fit into the hole in the steering stem, but keep in mind, if the pin is too tight a fit in the stem hole, it will make the entry and exit when using the stand more difficult. The next size down pin may be easier to use.

If working out the correct size is too tricky, or you’d like to use this stand across multiple bikes in your collection - you can opt for the Complete Lift Pin Kit.  

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