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6S (RHS) Spacesaver Single Sided Swingarm Stand

6S (RHS) Spacesaver Single Sided Swingarm Stand

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  • Customizable Fit: Comes with a shaft that neatly fits into the hollow rear axle of most single-sided swingarm bikes. Includes an interchangeable shaft system to suit various bike models.
  • Rotatable Design: The shaft is mounted on bearings, allowing it to spin freely with the wheel—perfect for cleaning or maintenance tasks.
  • Durable Construction: Built with the most heavily braced frame on the market to withstand the cantilevered forces of supporting a bike from one side.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Features three swiveling dual-wheel castors for effortless movement in any direction, ideal for tight garage spaces or rearranging your bike collection. 
  • Stable & Secure: Equipped with two front castors with brakes, enabling you to lock the wheels for added stability during use.
  • Finish Options: Available in either Red or Black Powdercoat, providing a durable finish that complements your style.

Efficiently manage your motorcycle maintenance and storage with our Single-Sided Swingarm Stand, designed for easy maneuverability and robust support.

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