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MK3 Stand on Ducati
One of our many Ducati stands.
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Swingarm Pivot Stands & Tee Stands


This stand supports the bike at the swingarm pivot point - it is not as quick and easy to use as a rear swingarm stand, but there are some jobs for which you can’t use any other stand. Because it takes all the weight off the rear suspension, it allows you to work on the rear shock easily. The lifting pins engage in the holes in the end of the swingarm pivot pin, or in the hexagonal recess in the head of the fastening which holds the pin in place. Some models don’t have any suitable lifting point on the swingarm pivot pin, but have other points which lend themselves to pickup points for this stand. The Ducati 1098 can use this stand if supplied with a different set of lifting attachments - it picks up on a pair of frame recesses for engine mount bolts.

This stand has adjustability for height, width and offset for footrest clearance, and comes with different pins, so it suits almost any bike.

On most bikes the rear end will naturally lift as the centre of gravity is slightly in front of the lifting point. However, because it is lifting close to the bike’s centre of gravity, it is easy to rock the bike so that the front wheel lifts off the ground.

Part Number AS3106

Tee Stands on 748 Ducati

When you need to remove the entire front or rear end you can hold the bike up with these Tee Stands. A bar passes through at an appropriate point and the Tees hold it up. Adjustable for height. It’s a 2 person job to put the bike on the stand.

Part Number AS3009


The “No Hands”wheel clamp holds the front wheel of a motorcycle as soon as the bike is wheeled into it. We can supply this in two versions:

1) as an attachment which can be bolted to the top of a hydraulic bike bench.   Part no AS2124B

2) As a front wheel holder for vans, utes and trailers. You will still need to use tie downs, but the clamp takes care of the bike while you are organising your ties. The mounting brackets to allow it to be bolted down to the floor.    Part no AS2124F

3) As a bike holder on the floor of your workshop. The wheel clamp can be moved to any spot and will hold the bike upright during cleaning or chain adjusting. The legs to give it a wide enough support so it doesn’t need bolting down.      Part no AS 2124F


Used mostly on race bikes with fixed (not pivoting) footpegs, these stands come in a pair and support the bike via the footpegs. Very useful where the weight needs to be taken off the rear suspension, or the swingarm completely removed.

 To use, the bike is put on a rear stand, then the footpeg stands are fitted to the bike, then the rear stand is removed and the bike lowered onto the footpeg stands. They are height adjustable.

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