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Pickup Knobs
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Harley stands and lifts

Includes Sportster, Fatboy and all large V-Twin Cruisers

Cruiser Stand AS3006
Harley Cruiser Stand

Cruiser Stand AS3006

Cruiser Stand AS3006

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CRUISER STAND   Part Number AS3006

This stand will fit most Harleys and Japanese cruisers. It picks up under the frame rails below the engine. It adjusts for height and width, so will fit any model as long as there is access to the frame rails from below.  The lifting cups are covered in rubber and pivot so that they stay flat against the frame at all times.

The 2 piece handle dismantles for storage. 

The stand can be used from either side of the bike, with the handle pointing rearward if used on the left, and forward if used on the right.  


All the Bonnie-based models can be lifted with the cruiser stand. What prevents them being lifted by the Universal swingarm stands is the exhausts they are in the way of the stand. The Thruxton, if fitted with a shorter upswept exhaust, can be lifted with the Universal rear stand, as well as the cruiser lifter.


 LOW for lower than usual models, including the Harley NightTrain, we make a special low version of the cruiser stand

 VICTORY we have a version tailored to suit the Victory range.

 Most people will find that using this stand is easier (and less nerve wracking) if they have someone hold the bike upright for them while preparing to use the stand. Once you are familiar with the use of the stand it is possible to use it solo, and you will probably find it easier if you approach the bike from the right hand side and have the stand handle pointing forwards.

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